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The Washington Children's Choice Award is selected annually by Washington State's K-3 students, who may vote for this award through their local teacher-librarian. This award is given through the Washington Library Media Association!= =

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Congratulations to Nancy Rose and the 14,341 votes received on behalf of the Children of Washington State.Also, a heartfelt thanks to the 119,276 children in the state of Washington for participating in this year's voting.

If you like facts and graphs here are the voting results for the 2015-2016 School Year:

Yep! Here is the 2017 list. We hope you are as excited about it as we are!

Our 2017 Activity Packet is here! Check it out!

You will also see individual lessons posted on the left hand side of the wiki. Simply click on the hyperlink to the title that you want or download the entire packet in one swoop!

Need help on when to implement these books and lessons? Click on the "Suggested Reading Dates" link on the side which maps out your teaching throughout the entire year. Interesting tidbits are also thrown in to enhance your teaching. Yahoo!

Need a bookmark for your students? Here are three versions with the 2017 titles.

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The Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Committee is looking for a new member to fill its ranks. If you have ever wanted to serve on this committee please send a letter of interest to Barb Hagerty b.hagerty@ksd.org and Mimi Vosper mimi.vosper@kent.k12.wa.us
Applications are due on December 31st. Right now we are really looking for men to help fill some of our open positions and balance out our committee but all applications will be considered.

Please include your qualifications and why you think you should be considered in your letter. Also, please tell us which three nominees or winners of WCCPBA in the past years is your favorite, why you like these specific books, and how you utilize them with kids.

The committee responsibilities are to attend the fall conference and present a session with the group, a spring meeting to select the next year’s nominations (switches sides of the state, a full day on a Saturday in March), to read the approximately 150 nominated books prior to our meeting and then prepares lesson plans on 2-3 of the final nominees to be posted on the wiki. You will also have a job on the committee (i.e. Committee Chair, Wiki master, Poster Sales and Printing, Award Distribution, Conference Coordinator, etc.) that requires independent work throughout the year depending on your assignment.

We look forward to hearing from you!